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5-Week Kidcentric Media Workshop + Demo!

Recently, I’ve been really vibing with fast-tracked vo demos. Specifically, the Kidcentric Media Demo, composed of 6 fully produced pieces of the following genres: Kid-Centric Commercials, TV Promo, Animation/Character Voices & K12 learning content.

So far, I’ve received super positive feedback & a lot of interest, but I’ve been hearing this a lot, “that sounds like a great, but what if I'm not quite ready for a demo?"

Here’s what I propose -- a 5-week class deep diving into all things Kidcentric Media & coming out on the other side with a demo!

Big Sounds for Little Ears - 5-Week Workshop Experience + Demo

Sundays from 4-6pm EST starting Sunday, Jan 7th! (limited to 6 people)

  • Week 1: Commercials for Kidcentric Brands & Media

  • Week 2: TV & Web/Streaming Platforms Promo VO for Family-Friendly Programming

  • Week 3: Talking Toys, Digital Games + Interactive Media for Kids (both educational & entertaining)

  • Week 4: k12 Narration & e-Learning for Kids

If everyone's favorite Montell Jordan song isn't now stuck in your head, I wonder if we can be friends. Haha, I'm just kidding! For those of you who've asked, here is how the DIY Animation Demo Worksh

Save up to 35% on your next vo demo! This Holiday Voiceover Demo Sale will put a little jingle in your pocket! Animation $747.50 Commercial $617.50 Talking Toys & Games $617.50 k12 Narration + ABCD

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