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AI VO? Come at me, bro!

What’s scarier than AI-generated voiceover?

The technology that fuels AI-generated voiceover is advancing at an alarming rate, but that doesn’t scare me nearly as much as the looming possibility of AI-driven big rigs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Optimus Prime too, but according to a recent article in LA Times, robots could replace 1.7 million American truckers in the next decade. Yikes.

What does this have to do with the future of voiceover? Well, I don’t know about y’all, but if robot Mack Trucks hit the road, you won’t find me hanging onto my work-from-home job like a hair on a biscuit! It's time to double down on our efforts to secure our future.

So, what types of voiceover have a fighting chance of surviving AI-generated VO’s infiltration of the voiceover marketplace? Plenty. Yes, plenty of genres & industries will continue to rely heavily on voice artists to bring their words to life, though my favorite is K12 Media. Everything from talking toys & e-Learning for kids to interactive media, games & much more!

I’ve been learning more about human voice stimuli & auditory neural plasticity's role in developing brains & here’s what I’m discovering ~ science continues to prove that human voice processing plays a crucial role in a child’s development & intelligence. So stick that in your pipe & smoke it AI VO! We live to voice another day!

Want to learn more about the ever-expanding soundscape & marketplace of K12 Media? Cool! RSVP below & I will see you next month! Can't make it live? No problemo! The webinar will be recorded & the replay + class materials will be distributed following the live Zoom class!

Hey friends! I'm looking for female vocalists for this one! All the audition details are below. Break a lip! Hey voice actor & vocalist types! I need a female singer to knock an audition out of the pa

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