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Big Sounds for Little Ears

Yesterday I spent all day producing & sound designing fifteen short books for Highlights. As a kid, I would read Highlights Magazines cover to cover, so doing production & sound design for them is not only a blast but also a blast from the past!

I love doing production + sound design and have picked up some cool clients over the past few years who regularly hire me to produce audio content related to kids' media. I call it making "Bigg Sounds for Little Ears."

Right now, all of my production clients hire me on a per-project basis, but one of them may offer me a full-time gig as a producer & sound designer towards the end of summer.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, I need to get faster (without compromising quality, of course!), and the best way for me to do that is by producing demos. Specifically k12 Demos. What the heck is a k12 Demo? It's a compilation of styles & genres, including e-Learning for kids, Talking Toys/Games & Interactive Media for the k12 market & more. I've produced over 250 voice-over demos, but I'm scaling back to offering only k12 demos & creating them for a discounted rate of $600 for five folks because if I take on more, I may get overwhelmed & that's no bueno for everyone. So check out k12 Narration + ABCDe-Learning Demos and Talking Toys + Games below & get on my calendar as early as next week to get this demo party started!

xo, LB

FUN FACTS: Porcupines can float & gorillas burp when they're happy!

Hey friends! I'm looking for female vocalists for this one! All the audition details are below. Break a lip! Hey voice actor & vocalist types! I need a female singer to knock an audition out of the pa

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