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Choose to Win!✨

✨Journey from stability to success, to significance, and ultimately to legacy with Certified Ziglar Master Coach Lisa Biggs (hey! 👋🏼 That's me!)


What: CHOOSE TO WIN Mastermind! - This 12-part coaching program is designed to help in seven (7) specific areas or spokes: Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Family, Financial, Career, and Personal.

Tune into your purpose, though applying the Ziglar trinity of transformation to replace unhealthy habits that keep you stuck and unhappy – with healthy habits that produce real results in your life as we walk through easy-to-follow steps to reach your individual goals in seven key areas: mental, physical, spiritual, family, personal, financial and career.

By the end of this 12-week program, you will be equipped and empowered to take action toward creating a more fulfilling and balanced life, one simple step at a time. Furthermore, you will be able to apply life-enhancing tools over and over to create a RESILIENT life, blessing the world around you. ++Choose to Win is a proprietary coaching program developed by Ziglar Inc & can only be facilitated by a Certified Ziglar Inc Coach++

12-Week Breakdown:

* Module 01: What is Your Why?

* Module 02: What is Your Plan?

* Module 03: Goals; Desire, Hope and Grit

* Module 04: Mental

* Module 05: Spiritual

* Module 06: Physical

* Module 07: Family

* Module 08: Financial

* Module 09: Personal

* Module 10: Career

* Module 11: The Perfect Start

* Module 12: Choose To Win a Life Purpose

When? Choose to Win 12-week Mastermind begins Friday, June 2nd!


+Self-study material drops weekly, every Sunday at 2pm EST (beginning 6/4)

++60min guided group discussions will be held every Wednesday, facilitated live (via Zoom) at 12pm EST, 3pm EST and 6pm EST *guided discussions will be recorded in the event that you're unable to join us on Zoom

+++60min open group chats will be held every Friday live (via Zoom) at 10am EST & 1pm EST.

Ready? Awesome! ✨RSVP below & use promo code WIN to save 50% off the Earlybird registration price when you sign up before Friday, May 12th

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