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Journey Through the Enchanting World of Voice Acting for Kids' Media 🎙️✨

Voice acting for kids' media is a captivating journey into the world of make-believe, where voice actors are invited to breathe life into characters and content that leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of children, creating a magical tapestry of sound that enhances the enchantment of children's education & entertainment!

Join us in January for Big Sounds for Little Ears to explore the exciting realms of Kidcentric Advertising, TV Promos for Family Entertainment, Voice Acting for Animation, Talking Toys + Edutainment, ABCDe-Learning, and more!

++There are three ways you can come along for this 5-week series!

$ave when you RSVP by Friday 11/24 aka Black Fri

  1. Sign up for the individual classes that meet your goals for 2024!

  2. Sign up for all 5 classes & join us every Sunday (for five weeks) to learn something new!

  3. Go all in when you sign up for all 5 classes & create a demo specializing in kid-centric media

  • Week 1: Commercials for Kidcentric Brands & Media

  • Week 2: TV & Web/Streaming Platforms Promo VO for Family-Friendly Programming

  • Week 3: Talking Toys, Digital Games + Interactive Media for Kids

  • Week 4: k12 Narration & ABCDe-Learning for Kids

  • Week 5: Animation & Character Voiceover - Silly Sounds for Syndicated Animation, Web-Based Content & Kids' Multi-Media

If everyone's favorite Montell Jordan song isn't now stuck in your head, I wonder if we can be friends. Haha, I'm just kidding! For those of you who've asked, here is how the DIY Animation Demo Worksh

Save up to 35% on your next vo demo! This Holiday Voiceover Demo Sale will put a little jingle in your pocket! Animation $747.50 Commercial $617.50 Talking Toys & Games $617.50 k12 Narration + ABCD

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