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Stop trying to fit in

You were born to stand out🙂

Last year, during quarantine, voices dot com reached a milestone of 1 million registered users. Wait, what? Holy pop filters y’all, that’s a whoooole lotta new voices entering the marketplace. So, how do you stand out?

Well, start by hanging out with us on Sunday, August 29th @ 3pm EST for A Radical Approach to Marketing: 7 Simple Ways to Get & Keep More Clients. This summer, I completed my training as a Certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide & I can’t wait to share the amazing insight I’ve received from StoryBrand, one of the most trusted names in marketing.

Hey friends! I'm looking for female vocalists for this one! All the audition details are below. Break a lip! Hey voice actor & vocalist types! I need a female singer to knock an audition out of the pa

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