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That's What He Said.

2018 has been a great year for "Liam", my signature little boy voice! He has officially joined the "six figure club" all by himself! My boy voice books everything from TV promos to national commercials, animation, video games & more! He's a busy little dude & one of my heaviest bookers!

That's why I'm excited to share my Voice Acting - Boy Voices study class for just $35 AND for the month of November, 50% of your purchase will be donated to the MVO: The Voiceover Guy's Movember Foundation fundraising page!

I believe every female voice actor should have a bookable boy voice.....even if you don't exclusively specialize in children's media & entertainment or have a "little voice" like mine. Adding a bookable voice to your long list of awesome things you can do is a must for every female voice actor!

Purchase this self study class here for only $35

Class description:

You know what they say, "Girls Will Be Boys"!! Double your booking opportunities by adding a marketable boy voice to your voiceover repertoire! Learn how to manipulate your voice to sound more “masculine”, helping you to create (and sustain) a convincing boy voice! Once we’ve sufficiently covered advanced vocal techniques including intonation, resonance, vocal quality, articulation, loudness level, spoken language, body language & psychology behind creating this voice - we’ll move into how to effectively market your boy voice so "he" can begin bringing home the bacon!

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