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The Little Podcast That Could

A little over a year ago I was invited to help the eKidz creative team at my church produce a family focused podcast for Elevation's family ministry. Into the Portal helps parents have meaningful car-ride conversations with their kids by connecting families to the topics taught each weekend in the eKidz ministry of Elevation Church. Into the Portal is as adventurous and exciting as it is purposeful, and being a part of this production has been an incredibly meaningful experience for me. I serve as the casting director, co-voice director, the voices of Into The Portal's villain, Dr. Rattiform & Barbara the Bohemicorn.

We're gearing up for season 9 of Into the Portal & from the looks of things, this is just the beginning! Our podcast is gaining steam with each season! You check us out on multiple podcast platforms & now, you can hear us on K-Love!

On Thursday, May 28th at 12pm EST I'll be live streaming a voice acting class for kids via IGTV on the Elevation eKidz instagram! Come hang out with Dr. Rattiform, Barbara the Bohemicorn, and whoever else I decide to bring to the livestream! Follow @elevationekidz on the 'gram & I'll see you there on Thursday at noon!

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