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What's in a name?

I had a revelation yesterday. I wish I could tell you that I was meditating on top of a mountain, but it happened while I was folding laundry & listening to Outkast. Nevertheless, I was struck with a thought. I believe lots of people are intimidated by the word marketing. Maybe it's because they don't know where to start, or maybe it's because the word marketing sounds like work & they'd rather passively pursue voiceover by simply relying on pay to play sites & the occasional auditions they receive from their agents. All of that said, I think the real reason behind some people's fear of the word marketing is an even deeper fear of success. Yeah. I think it's a thing, but I get it. I still have days when I wake up & wonder how the heck I'm gonna keep this train on the track for at least two more decades. I've been successfully navigating this industry for twenty years, but do I have another twenty years in me? Success scares me too, because she can be such a fickle mistress & what if one day all the things that have worked in the past don't work anymore. Like I said, I get it. So what did I do with this revelation? I changed the name of my Marketing Masterclass webinar to How to Make More Money Doing Voiceover because....

a: I hope that will intimidate people less

& b: It gets straight to the point. 

I hope you'll come hang with us tomorrow (Thursday 5/23 @ 8pm EST) for How To Make More Money Doing Voiceover. It's gonna be power packed with tons of information & insight. I'll cover nearly every genre of voiceover & how to market yourself directly to the right "ears". We'll also talk about how to keep your head in the game, especially if this is already your full time gig and/or while you're building your business to make voiceover your primary source of income. Grab a seat (or RSVP to receive the replay) for $20 by clicking here.

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