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Whatever spices your pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are BACK & this year, they’re even more expensive!! Yep, not even Starbucks PSLs are immune to inflation, but we don’t have to play that game! All of our Dream Bigg self-study classes have been temporarily discounted to $4.95, not so coincidentally the same & former price of a grande PSL!

Click here to get ‘em while they’re hot b/c this special deal will be a done deal on Monday, Oct 31st!!

Self-study classes include: Making Money Sounding Funny, Learning to Love LinkedIn, Voice Acting for Animation, Talking Toys, Boy Voices, More More Money in Voiceover, Boolean Searches & Email Marketing for Voice Actors!! Check them all out here!

Hey friends! I'm looking for female vocalists for this one! All the audition details are below. Break a lip! Hey voice actor & vocalist types! I need a female singer to knock an audition out of the pa

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