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x's 2 Voiceover Auditions DUE Friday, Sept 3rd @ 9am EST

Hey guys!! Here's a quick breakdown of what I'm looking for:

Animated Pilot:

  • Adult Male 40-55 (ethnicity - no preference)

  • African American Adult Female Late 20's to Early 40's

  • African American Youth Female 8-13yrs

  • American Youth Female 8-13yrs (ethnicity - Caucasian )

  • Youth Male 8-13yrs (ethnicity - no preference)

More info here!

Ongoing e-Learning gig:

  • Adult Male & Female Talent

  • Tween & Teen Talent, Males & Females

More info here!

Thanks & break a lip y'all!!

Hey friends! I'm looking for female vocalists for this one! All the audition details are below. Break a lip! Hey voice actor & vocalist types! I need a female singer to knock an audition out of the pa

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