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Learn how to create & sustain masculine-sounding voices


Lisa will take you through the process of manipulating your sound into a deeper range with advanced vocal techniques and help you create bookable boy voices. She’ll cover the essentials behind the development of your signature “boy sound” including intonation, resonance, articulation, physicality and more ++ Then she’ll move into how to effectively market your boy voice so "he" can start bringing home the bacon!



  • Practice vocal techniques designed to adjust the qualities within your natural voice
  • Adjust your physicality to increase your range
  • Consider the psychology of speaking from a male perspective
  • Boost your boy voice confidence so your character becomes fully developed
  • Discover ways to market your new voice and start booking

Boy Voices (for girls)

    • Study Guide
    • Video Link
    • Sample Demos
    • Sample Copy + Sides
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